Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before and After

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery1 Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before and After
Christina Ricci Nose Job Before After

If you ask me,” Did Christina Ricci did a plastic surgery?” I say, definitely yes. She ever revealed in the past about the possibility of her becoming one of plastic surgery artists and she doesn’t mind about it. In an interview she said, “Maybe I’ll have cosmetic surgery when I aged. I know someday my skin will be dropped and I don’t mud having cosmetic surgery.”

Christina Ricci is not a new name in entertainment industrial. She has been entering celebrity world even since she was child and she use to be a professional artist in many films. She started her career at 9 years old in Hollywood and now she is growing up and being mature. Everyone says the she is a talented artist therefore she will have bright career in entertainment.

She has big bright eyes and an adorable smile, but what she has is the perfect plastic surgery. Christina Ricci did it well. It seems that she just had a bit plastic surgery in her nose and this nose job has helped her to get better nose shape and slimmer nostril. Overall, she looks great, doesn’t she?

A plastic surgeon from Miami, Dr. Michale Salzhauer, states, “Christina Ricci has completely done Rhinoplasty to refine the tip. It seems very natural.

New York City plastic surgeon also reveals, “It looks like Christina has nose procedure, and she looks great on it. She did it well and not overdone.”

I myself agree with it. There have been so many artists who look so weird with the plastic surgery procedures she did. It is not happen in Ricci. She had it very subtle, appropriate, and too much. Are you with me?