Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery
Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery Before After

Toni Braxton who well known with her number one hits “Unbreak my Heart”  revealed that she was conducted plastic surgery in 1992. She only admitted that she got nose job and breast augmentation at that time, and she did not had anything else on her face.

Although many people doesn’t believed that her face untouched with fat grafts or fillers like Radiesse in her cheeks, but we should appreciate her confession of nose job and breast augmentation. Toni Braxton openly revealed to the media that in 1992 she had performed nose job and breast implant. She said that she is enough with it, quite satisfied with the result and never intend to repeat it any more.

She denies that she had another plastic surgery procedures like facelift, botox or filler as people reported. It seems that Toni Braxton should work harder to make public believe that nose job and breast augmentation are enough for her. In 1992, or we may say in the peak of her career, she decide to perform plastic surgery for the nose job and breast augmentation. She said that her main reason was just to boost her confidence as the entertainer.

Toni Braxton previously has quite piggy nose as commonly like African American woman has. Although the nose is quite big on her, but people said that Tone Braxton looks more natural with her nose before she transformed it into smaller, thinner and sharper nose.

Yes, her new nose is still looks good on her, but she less natural. She also openly said that she got breast augmentation to make her breast look settled, bigger, rounded and tougher. But Toni Braxton denies she coupled those two plastic surgery procedures with the newest one although Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer doesn’t really believed it.

He said that Toni Braxton facial skin looks like had filler and botox injection regularly and possibly facelift too as well as her previous breast augmentation and the nose job.

Well personally, I will say that I don’t care whether Toni Braxton had plastic surgery or not. As long as it doesn’t affected her voice, it doesn’t matter  she got nose job and breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery procedures.

But how about you? Does those plastic surgery procedures help our diva Toni Braxton looks even better? Well I love to see your comments about Toni Braxton plastic surgery on the box bellow.