Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After
Park Bom Before After

Park Bom looks different day by day. Did she do plastic surgeries?

One of k-pop channels has a list of artists suspected did plastic surgeries procedure. Park Bom is clearly listed as one of them. She is reported had too much different things in her appearance and it becomes an attention of public. Seeing her at glance, people are able to easily known that she applies plastic surgeries. Even, too much.

What kinds of plastic surgery she had?

Park Bom is a singer comes from South Korea who moved to United States since senior high school. She is a vocalist of a group 2NE1. Since her first appearance to public, people judge her differences time by time. Therefore she is suspected under the knife, not only one procedure.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Pic Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After
Park Bom Eyelid Surgery

Well, we have a detail list about 2NE1 Park Bom plastic surgeries.

First, she is suspected underwent nose job because her nose is really look different since her first appearance. It was rather bulbous however then it is disappear. Park has a slimmer and more pointed nose today. Second, Park also did eyes job. Naturally she has a character of Asian eyes, small and bright. Now she has round and wider eyes. Some fans defend that it is just the effect of make-up, however even the professional make-up artists reveal that making those big eyes are nearly impossible. Eye cosmetic surgery is the only one rational reason in this case.

After that, she also possible did something on her chin. Some photos say that she actually doesn’t have double chin, but in other photos the double chin can be shown clearly.

How about those puffy cheeks? Is it the result of Botox, filler, or something?

This is the only one thing that Park confirms. She reveals that she didn’t apply anything on her cheeks. It is just the effect of a disease. She is suffered from lymph nodes disease, and it makes a person has swollen cheek and chin.

The news explains that she didn’t anything for beauty reason. Anything happen in her eyes and nose are the health reasons. The procedures on her eyes and nose are the effort to reduce swelling in her face so she has to have some cosmetic procedures.