Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job Before and After

Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job Before and After
Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job Before After

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her  wonderful nose. So, did she had a nose job? Her nose seems too perfect to be real, too impressing without any plastic surgeon help. No wonder, she always rumored that she had a nose job procedure. Until now, Sarah Jessica Parker  never admitted she has plastic surgery for the nose job.

She always mad when asked about the nose job rumor. She said that her face is free from plastic surgery touch, no matter its nose job or botox and any other procedures. And yet Sarah Jessica Parker has to work hard to convince the public that the nose job is only bad mouthed rumor about her.

Comparing her before and after picture, there you may see how difference Sarah Jessica Parker  nose. On the before picture, we can see that she had a nice nose but it looks so big and wide on the nasal bridge. But on the after picture, she has quite different nose, it looks really pinched, so thin and small.

The nasal bridge looks well defined, looks much narrowed and more pointed on the tip too. Overall Sarah Jessica Parker nose looks so adorable although for some reason its looks to small for her face.

Sarah Jessica Parker insists that her adorable nose is God blessed from good genes family. She shat that she don’t need plastic surgery at least for now on. But do you believe in her? Do you think her nose is too perfect to be real without any help of plastic surgery? I will wait your comments about Sarah Jessica Parker  nose job rumor here.