Lady Gaga Nose Job Before and After Picture

Lady Gaga Nose Job Lady Gaga Nose Job Before and After Picture
Lady Gaga Nose Job Before After

The rumor about Lady Gaga nose job always becomes one of the hottest issues in Hollywood. Although the experts said that Lady Gaga nose job rumor was true, but till Lady Gaga always denies it and said that the nose job is only rumor and she did not interested to carve her nasal.

This Mother Monster also said that she is too scare knife for doing nose job and she wont harm her life by doing it. But this woman who was born March 28, 1986 seems has a long way to convince the people that her nose is real.

Well, it is kinda funny because Lady Gaga is actually well known with her weird appearance with numerous plastic surgery procedures rumor. Well Its hard to believe that Lady Gaga doesn’t have any nose job, but we should appreciate her opinion regarding this rumor.

Its being a habit in entertainment industry to compared the celebrities photos time by time. People started to compared photos of Lady Gaga and found out that her nose more quite different than before. Lady Gaga may has numerous procedures of plastic surgery on her face, but for some reason the nose job giving the good looks among her weird facial appearance. People must be agreed that her nose is quite hilarious.

It is quite too pinched and well refined, but not bad and really suits on her face. Previously Lady Gaga was known with the piggy nose with wide nasal board and less pointed on the tip. But now, you may see hilarious nose that will envy everyone who see it.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California and Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says Lady Gaga not born that way especially on the nose part. But well the new nose is looks quite good in the middle her eccentric and quite weird facial appearance.

So lets just wait and see until Lady Gaga admit that she has had plastic surgery for nose job like the experts said. And do you believe that her nose is quite normal without any help of plastic surgery? Just leave the comments about Lady Gaga nose job and share your opinion there.