Nicky Minaj : Compare Her with and without Makeup

Who does not know Nicky Minaj? The trinadian-American born singer has made some achievements in music industry by winning many nominations in prominent music award plus the selling amount of her album which reaches to the peak.  After holding a world tour called Pink Friday, Now Nicky Minaj has some fun, what are they?

Nicky Minaj with and without Make Up Nicky Minaj : Compare Her with and without Makeup

Multi Projects of Nicki Minaj

It seems that Nicky Minaj never stop from making a work in her time. After meeting her fans across the globe through Pink Friday World Tour, now she will be ready to be the next judge of American Idol 2013 along with Keith Urban and Mariah Carey in where an accident happened between her and one participant from North Carolina, but Minaj will never stop. In other places, she is ready to throw collaboration with Ciara in Goodies song. Apparently, Niky Minaj does not want to take over one field only. It is proven with her participation in “The Other Woman” movie. In this film, she will play together with Cameron Diaz and act as Diaz’s assistant. This will be Nicky Minaj’ s first comedy movie project that will show where her movie career path.

Bare Face of Nicki Minaj

Make-up is one thing that we know Nicki Minaj from. Her pink hair and bright make up have become her identity, but how she looks like with none of them? Recently, Niki Minaj agreed to have a photo shoot with one prominent woman magazine, Elle. Niki Minaj will fulfill the no make-up challenge from this magazine in April edition. When she was interviewed, Minaj said that wearing no-make up made her feel like wearing no clothes at all. Well, it seems that not so bad.