Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After
Rumer Willis Chin Reduction Before After

When plastic surgery becomes an alternative, many people did it and everyone possibly did more than one plastic surgeries to fix this and this, something wrong in their faces. I can say Rumer Willis is only one of those artists. As we know, Rumer Willis is a daughter of famous couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

While Demi Moore is known as Demi Moore’s daughter frankly I have to say the she doesn’t get her mother’s beauty. Even she tends to have a hefty jaw such as her father.

It seems she has lost a lot weight over the last years. And I identify that there are some differences in her face. Is it the result of the losing weight process? I don’t think so. People who have lost many kilos will not change too much like this. Moreover, those changes are looked better and nice. Therefore, I suspect that she had under the knife, even more than once. What are they?

The easiest way to know is her jaw. As I said, her hefty jaw is her characteristic, inherited from her father. Maybe she has experiences some procedures to make it slimmer and get a better look. Extremely, if I may say, the worst thing she has is her long chin. It looks is disproportionate, and I think that is the reason of her chin reduction.

Plastic surgeon just shortened it bit to make it looks normal. She didn’t it too much just fixing what can be fixed and reduced to get the better and proportional look. Yes, absolutely Rumer Willis did it.

The chin reduction is not an easy procedure. It needs hours to do the process because it also affects to dental arch and it can also disturb the teeth function. Now she still has large jaw and chin but I suggest that what she has today are look much better than before.

Besides, I find other awkwardness in her lips. I think her nose is like her previous appearance, but her lips like puffier maybe this is the result of filler injection.

At that time, we know that Demi Moore, her mother was one of artists who was successfully did plastic surgery. For the reason, I think this 25 year old girl does the same. Maybe she doesn’t inherit her mother beauty and adorable face, but she can inherit the ways in performing beauty through plastic surgeries procedure.

For me, whatever her ways to look more beautiful, but remember you are still too young girls! She is just 25 years old and I don’t find any reason to do plastic surgery at all. I must say to Rumer that “Once you have it, you’ll want more”.

Do you think she is too young to do this?