Seeing Mila Kunis without Makeup. Is it possible?

The name of Mila Kunis has been associated with the sexiness, scandal, rumor of relationship and many things more, in fact she has a lot of great contribution in the entertainment industry, what she has done? Let’s figure it out.

Mila Kunis with and without Makeup Seeing Mila Kunis without Makeup. Is it possible?

No Time without A Movie

The name of Mila Kunis started to be noticed in 2010 after she won some nominations for her movie entitled with Black Swan. Along with Natalie Portman, she brought at least one award back home and it became her turning point.  This year, she takes a lot of offers of movie starts from Ted, in which she played together with Mark Wahlberg. This movie gains a lot of good review from movie reviewer then she continues her career with James France in “Oz, The Great and Powerful”. Next year, she is ready to perform Jupiter ascending with Channing Tatum.

No Reason Tired Feeling

Mila Kunis is noted as one out of 100 female celebrities crushes and the member of FHM’S top 100 girls nomination, surely those awards can tell us enough how beautiful and sexy she is. With her big eyes, her Ukranian face looks so desirable. However, this opinion is questioned when she was seen walking out from one fancy hotel in London wearing no make-up. At that moment around in March 2016, she looked so tired for unknown reason and she was a little bit chubby leaving the hotel with sporty jumper and sport shoes. Well, do not know that this is the effect of waking up or she has gained more weight these days, but anyway she proves that she has a flawless skin even though without make-up at all. Anyway, she is a mom now after she married with Ashton Kutcher.