Did Loni Anderson Have Plastic Surgery?

Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery Did Loni Anderson Have Plastic Surgery?
Loni Anderson Botox, Nose Job, Lips Injection, Boob Job

Loni Anderson is suspected went under the knife. After a while not appearing in television and mass media, some months ago she was caught by the camera in a shopping center. Like usual, she looks so fabulous, like aging is not something annoying for her. It triggers the issue that Loni Anderson had really done some cosmetic procedures.

What kind of plastic surgery procedure she did?

It seems she has a tight and fresh skin, something quite abnormal in her age, when normally sagging and wrinkles are best friend. She looks so fresh, so maybe she injected Botox to make it looks so tight and young. Besides, some filler such as Restylane are also injected around lips and cheeks. It is like her nose is also changed, so I think she also did a very well nose job, Rhinoplasty. The plastic procedure is not only about the face. Loni Anderson has also fixes her breasts.

The assumption is strengthened by a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer. He reveals “Loni Anderson had definitely applied some plastic surgery jobs. In her face, she did nose job, injections around cheeks and lips and clearly facelift procedure.”

Flashback to some years ago, when everybody agrees that Loni Anderson did breast implants to support her appearance, today she has had removed it. I don’t know the reason for sure, yet I think she start realizing that the size doesn’t fit well again for her age. The other reason can be caused the medical reason, or as the result of doctor suggestions.

Well, there is none denying her beauty at her first days career. Loni Anderson is the symbol of American beauty. This 66 year old woman was known as an amazing girl with adorable face and big boobs. She ever married four times, and each of them last in only about two to three years.

Some people judge that what has Loni did is appropriate and not excess for her age. What do you think?