Is Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery’s Denial Able to Cover What Have Changed?

Aubrey O Day Plastic Surgery Before and After Is Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery’s Denial Able to Cover What Have Changed?

Even though no rule applied about the standard of beauty, fame can make people blind to see themselves. Unfortunately, they become so “vicious” when it comes to their appearance, just like what happens to Aubrey O’ Day. O’ Day herself never wants to admit this, but from these proves, reader may be smarter than O’Day thinks they are

See What You Have Thrown, Combs

Maybe people will never know who O Day is if she was not thrown away from her group, Danity Kane, by Sean Combs. Music is not a new thing for O’day because she began her musical career at 5 from stage to stage.  On 200, she was chosen to joint MTV Making The Band 3 by Combs. After joint the group, O’day made some maneuvers to make people see her existence, which is spreading over sexy image. It made Combs not happy because it broke the band’s image just for promoting herself. Finally, she was fired from the group in 2003. Now she enjoys her own career in television series, reality show and musical career. In 2012, she made her newest EP, Between Two Evils.

Say No to Plastic Surgery Say Yes to Do It

Rumor about having plastic surgery is not a new thing for Aubrey O’Day. She was rumored to have breast augmentation and liposuction on her body. O’Day herself always says “No” to these rumors, but unfortunately many evidences are shown to fight against her words. In senior high school, O’Day  said just had A cup breast, but after she becomes so famous, her boobs are getting bigger until it can fulfill D cup size.  Some blogs that pay attention so much to her, post two her photos : when she was auditioned for the MTV Making Band and her recent photo. The result is ? Many differences on her look such as boobs, eyelashes, and hair. Well, sure or not, plastic surgery has become a must have thing for Hollywood actress, but don’t try to deny it girl.