Did Tom Cruise Have Plastic Surgery ?

tom cruise plastic surgery Did Tom Cruise Have Plastic Surgery ?
Has Tom Cruise Had Plastic Surgery ?

Mostly known for his everlasting handsome face at 50 years of age, Tom Cruise, formerly married to Katie Holmes and father of Suri, Isabella and Jane Cruise is a legendary Hollywood actor. For his many visits and travels to Japan over the years the 10th of October in Japan is commemorated as the Tom Cruise Day honoring his highly frequent visits. Endless starring of movies as well as shows and guest-starring series, he has but one thing tackling him: the rumor of plastic surgery to keep him look young at his age.

Judging from his stunning aging-reversed face and appeal the man presents a well-maintained figure as an actor. However the rumors regarding his nose job are quite high claiming this as the reason why his looks are too stunning to believe. In Touch Weekly reported a statement from the man mentioning that consideration about a nose job is not impossible. At the time of the interview, Cruise was planning-perfection for his role in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. This included a dietary procedure, intensive workouts, a skin laser treatment and the rumored nose job. However he did not confirm but neither did he reject the question.

With this information at hand it is quite hard to conclude whether or not Cruise went under the knife at all for a nose-perfection. To keep it a rumor is most reasonable as no direct statement has been made, but keeping an eye out for future changes in Cruise’s appearances will be exciting, for you’ll never know.