Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

As we know that Emily Blunt has blessed with the beauty of classic British that make her has her own unique of beauties. But seems that Emily Blunt realize she is almost 30 years old and it could be the sign of aging starting appear on her face. That why recently people noticed that she more aware with it and make her face look like any other Hollywood actresses that could be undergone plastic surgery.

Emily Blunt face now looks so frozen, plumped and stiffed so public more and more believed that something happen there due to plastic surgery or any other cosmetically procedures. First she was accused with Rhinoplasthy for the nose job fixed because her nose that previously look wider and big now  much thinner and smaller.

Next her lip more nutritious, thick and juicy compared with her first appearance on the screen than she has only thin lip. There because of her changing lip, people believed she could be done filler for the lip injection. her face also looks wore well shaped and refined looks like her cheek bones and jawlines more looked and tougher indicated that she also got chin implant that was combined with lifted cheek that could be caused by cheek augmentation here.

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Picture Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Emily Blunt Chin Implant

And what the result? There are pros and cons here, some said that she much better and sexier here, but in other hand people said she lets her classical beauty typically English woman fading away. Although Emily Blunt never admitted but Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California and Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer agrees that she has undergone plastic surgery. Both also added that despite kind of processes that was said before, Emily also accused got filler injection to make her face flawless and toned.

Emily Blunt  is so wonderful with her face that typically English woman. But it seems that she want to looks like Hollywood typical face, so it could be the rumor plastic surgery was true here.