Did Calista Flockhart Have Plastic Surgery?

Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery Did Calista Flockhart Have Plastic Surgery?

Talking about the rumor that Calista Flockhart has had plastic surgery is seems never end and will continued as long as public can spotted her appearance. The rumor that Calista Flockhart has had plastic surgery is wide spread since this actress make a confession that she is suffers from Anorexia eating disorder.

Since then, she buffeted with rumor she has undergone several procedures of plastic surgery. But until now Calista Flockhart never make any clear statement whether she got plastic surgery or not. That why this rumor seems looks like a myth than gossip. Calista Flockhart more openly about her struggle to recovered from Anorexia than talking about she got plastic surgery to enhance her beauty.

Personally, Calista Flockhart is a woman who blessed with natural beauty. Her petite body, innocence face, cute appearance that as mixed with amazing skin make actor Harrison Ford fall for her completely. But it doesn’t covering the rumor that Calista Flockhart enhance her beauty trough some procedures of plastic surgery trough lip and cheek augmentation as well as botox and dermal injection.

Her lip seems plumped and full, looks so juicy and sexy strengthens the rumor this pretty woman injected filler there trough lip augmentation. As we know that Calista Flockhart is woman with acute eating disorder, with her quite abnormal thin body she has plumped and full cheek. This condition triggering the rumor that Calista Flockhart had cheek augmentation to make hers looks plumped and full.

Recently Calista Flockhart also accused doing botox injection to make her face looks flawless and toned, abolish wrinkle from her face. With the strong rumor that she has had plastic surgery, until no Calista Flockhart never admitted she has had plastic surgery to refined her beauty.

When asking about this rumor, Calista Flockhart choosing to shy away and remains mute. Did you also curious whether Calista Flockhart has had plastic surgery? Or you has your on opinion she already did it but too shame to admits it? share your opinion by leaving any comment on the box bellow.