Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery

Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery

What a great job. When some celebrities do too much surgery procedure on their faces, Maria Pfeiffer did it properly. Michele Maria Pfeiffer a 54-year-old actress, the most adorable Hollywood actress in the generation, reveals that she had plastic surgery procedure. “I’m all for a little something here and there – fine,” she says to Elle magazine.

Many people respect her honesty and view about plastic surgery. Maria Pfeiffer also does not deny that she does not rule out the role of plastic surgery to her beauty.

She added that she does not care whether people undergo the plastic surgery or not as long as the persons are happy with their appearance. She says that we have to respect the right of every person. Therefore, there is no strange if we see some changes happen on her face. He had a good nose job, now she has the thinner nose bridge and many other cosmetic procedures.

There are many cosmetic enhancements she did but everyone sees it in positive aspect. She looks pretty naturally in her age, 54 years old and a mother of two children with screen writer David E Kelley.

Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery Pics Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery

She is suspected had other processes of cosmetic enhancements because of her statement in Elle magazine. This actress is also known applied plastic surgery on her lips, or precisely, lip injections. Look at her full upper lip than the under one. Some injections are possibly injected to plump it. The difference can also be looked in her eyes. Both of them are larger than before. Possibly that she has had plastic surgery procedures to make it looks bigger.

Maria Pfeiffer looks great in her small natural breasts. I think she avoids to do breast implants, at least for a while. Maybe she will do it in these years if she still wants to be the popular one.

Even though she admits her plastic surgeries, Botox, and all processes of cosmetic enhancements that she did, I think on the whole she is very beautiful, looks so natural and young in her 54 year-old ages, without any artificial made.