Did Christina Aguilera Have Plastic Surgery?

christina aguilera before and after plastic surgery Did Christina Aguilera Have Plastic Surgery?
Christina Aguilera Before and After Plastic Surgery

Speaking of plastic surgery, in fact, it is not a new thing for celebrities all around the world, as well as in America. Many cases have been found, including the one accused to Christina Aguilera. This famous singer was said to have plastic surgery due to her appearance changes, particularly since she gave birth her boy. When the photos came up, people began to compare her previous and current photo details; and they found out something has changed.

The career of this ‘The Voice’ judge began when she released an album for the first time in 1999. Her song soon became a favorite; it even reached the top of 200 US Billboard. People recognized that she had a great talent in music with the golden voice she naturally got. As the number of fans is getting bigger, Christina has got the steps to achieve popularity and wealth. She remains as one of the greatest American singers up till now, as a matter of fact. Speaking about appearance, Aguilera did not look so sexy at the start. Now then, when she often appears in public with the sexy look, some people are in doubt that the beauty and sexiness are purely natural.

What Changes Christina Aguilera has Brought?
Well, the rumor about Christina Aguilera spending some of her time under the plastic surgeon’s knife still becomes a debate among the people who pay attention to her. Moreover, there is not yet confirmation directly from singer of I Turn to You about what the truth is; only a source close to her, who said that the rumor was nonsense. Despite that fact, Christina’s current look does indicate changes. For instance is her breast which is now in smaller size, especially after giving birth. Some say it is normal but some others say that the artist has got lipoplasty, lips injection, rhinoplasty, and breast implant.