Did Lea Michele Get Plastic Surgery ?

Lea Michele Nose Job Before and After Photo Did Lea Michele Get Plastic Surgery ?
Lea Michele Say No to Plastic Surgery – No Difference Before and After

The Rachel Berry to our Lea Michele will be really pissed if she heard the rumor that the actress who portrays her is allegedly getting a nose job but the answer is whether the rumor is true or not because we have always known the ever so talented Lea Michel as a woman that will never feel ashamed of how she looks. Quite the opposite, we think, she will embrace her natural appearance no matter what.

The actress rose to prominence because her portrayal of the ambitious Rachel Berry on Glee. She is originally a stage actress on Broadway and she has even done several popular plays like Spring Awakening and also Les Misirables on Broadway. Not only that, as she also has a very beautiful vocal material that people cannot resist so easily. Michel is currently dating her costar and on screen boyfriend on Glee, Cory Monteith that recently has done with his rehab because of his drug problem.

Lea Michel always says that she is proud of how she looks and do not want to change anything about it. Sure, everyone cannot always have the perfect look but at least they can embrace and loving it no matter what. She has quite a beautiful look with or without a nose job and we want her to always be like that. We need her to be a good example for young girls that will never give up their natural look for vanity or for fame in this matter.