Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery – Breast Implant

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery   Breast Implant
Catherine Zeta Jones Breast Implant

Personally if the rumor that The Mask of Zorro mistress Catherine Zeta Jones  has breast implant plastic surgery, I think it really suit to her. She looks so sexier and dazzling with curved body but in natural looks. Catherine Zeta Jones beauty has been hypnotized people since she following the cats of the Mask of Zorro.

She has classic beauty of Hispanic culture that was combined with little Caucasian that make her looks very wonderful and great. After that, Catherine Zeta Jones pretty face appear on some Hollywood blockbuster movies. Those such as Entrapment,  Traffic, Intolerable Cruelty, Death Defying Acts and A Little Night Music.

Those give the wife of actor Michael Douglas several awards and nomination such as Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, BAFTA Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

Beside her achievement, Catherine Zeta Jones also spot lighted for her appearance especially with the changing of her body figure. It was reported her body looks more carved with though and big breast create speculation that this Mask of Zorro mistress Catherine Zeta Jones has breast implant plastic surgery.

At the Mask of Zorro that was filming in 1998 we may noticed that Catherine Zeta Jones has a figure that not to curved although she is quite slim and thin. Her chest left pretty wide space as the indication she ha small breast. You will noticed it by watching the movie when she is wearing Victorian ball gown you may noticed that she has small breast at that time.

But when Catherine Zeta Jones was appear on her next movie you will see that this mom for two kids getting hotter and much sexier. Her breast seems gown into quite bigger shape than before, strengthens the indication she has breast implant here. It was reported that her breast looks tougher, bigger, and more rounded with quite increased scale so the assumption of breast implant could be true here.

Although Catherine Zeta Jones actually desired so bad having big breast, but she doesn’t overdo it and still in normal portion of breast implant so she looks natural and wonderful.

Catherine Zeta Jones the mistress of the Mask of Zorro is wonderful with quite pretty face and sexy body figure. But the most important is she is really has superb talent in acting and yet great mom for her two children too. So whether the rumor of breast implant plastic surgery was true, Catherine Zeta Jones not overdo it and she still looks natural and dazzling.