Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before and After

Stephanie Pratt caught public attention when she appeared for the first time on television series “The Hills”. She experienced some legal troubles such as when she shoplifted merchandise, driving under influence of alcohol and causing her booked into jail. She then posted $5,000 bail to get free from the jail. She is dating with Julien Chabbott and like her, once he also faced legal problem regarding avoiding parking ticket.

Did Stephanie Pratt Have Plastic Surgery In Many Parts ?

People think that Stephanie Pratt get plastic surgery in many parts of her body. She is accused to do breast and lip augmentation. A surgeon in Beverly Hills commented that she was still young, she was born in 1986, but she has bit of work to her body. The most obvious one is the lips which are plumper than before. She might go for rhinoplasty as well because her nose seems narrower and perky recently. It is different with her nose before. Her lips can be possible done with fillers and people know it is not good for her as she is still young and her lips will be permanent, not suiting with her natural changing. Her chins are probably changed too as they seem really different with the youthful and natural beautiful chins when back then when she was in “The Hills”.

There’s any word from Stephanie regarding the plastic surgery but she seems like different person now. She probably looks for perfection but sometimes natural beauty ad innocence of young girls is the real charm. That’s why people wish she has never done the surgeries, at least not in her age now.