Did Teri Hatcher Have Plastic Surgery?

Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Did Teri Hatcher Have Plastic Surgery?

Fans of Desperate Housewife must know this star. Yeah, this is Teri Hatcher, one of the housewives in the drama series who stars as Susan Mayer Delfino. Now the Desperate Housewife is over, but all actresses are still shocking fans and public with news and rumors around them. Now it is about whether this beautiful star did plastic surgery or not.

When other celebrities avoid mass media when they are confirmed about this, Teri Hatcher is very open about the subject. At the age nearly fifty, there is no people deny about her amazing performance, even some people say that she looks like ten years younger than the real ages.

In Glamour magazines on March 2006 edition, she admits she has had a little help from a doctor. She underwent the Botox and collagen injection procedure yet she did not have it anymore in more than a year. She adds that it doesn’t matter to have wrinkles, because she doesn’t try to be 25 year-old look.

Her statement is also quoted by Daily Express newspaper, “I don’t like using Botox and I also did not have any plastic surgeries.” She claims that she likes using make-up for it is removable and not permanent. Teri seems doesn’t like plastic surgery because it will change a face totally.

Teri Hatcher Botox Did Teri Hatcher Have Plastic Surgery?
Teri Hatcher without Makeup

The result of Botox is generally last in only about 3 months, and the lines and the wrinkles will comeback after that. Therefore, I wonder how can be Teri’s skin still looks perfect without any injections at all in more than a year.

Dr. Richard Westreich, a New York plastic surgeon states, “I know her as a person who anti-plastic surgery process. It seems her face thinner, yet there is wrinkles in the eyelids and differences in her eyebrows’ shape. I think she has stopped doing Botox and filler after finishing the series.”

Many people still wonder about the truth one. The exploration is still being continued and a new guessing is raise. Teri’s face really looks natural and fabulous at her age. Maybe she didn’t the traditional plastic surgeries when they have it tighten and pulled.

One of experts in 3D plastic surgery suggests that Teri underwent a sophisticated technique, namely facial fat grafting. It is a process removing fats from a place, and then it is injected to other parts that you want to have it full. The result is natural appearance. That is the way she did.