Queen Noor Of Jordan Rumored Plastic Surgery

Queen Noor Plastic Surgery Queen Noor Of Jordan Rumored Plastic Surgery

Seems that the temptation of cosmetic surgery is also affected the royal family and now it also happen to Queen Noor of Jordan rumored trapped on plastic surgery and preserve her beauty assets on it. Lisa Najeeb Halaby or Queen Noor of Jordan is the last wife and widow of King Hussein of Jordan that was born in Washington, D.C at 23 August 1951.

She is beautiful of course because she has good genes from Jordanian dad and Swedish American mom that make King Hussein of Jordan fell for her and decide to marrying her at 15 June 1978 in Amman. After her husband King Hussein of Jordan died in February 7, 1999 seems that it bit hard for Queen Noor to keep staying on Jordanian royal family culture. If you thought only celebrity that should looks attractive and nice on front of their fans or camera, you dead wrong.

When you see the recent appearance of Queen Noor recently you must be understood how hard she tries to looks attractive and amazing make her rumored was trapped on plastic surgery. She is trapped on plastic surgery and seems cant run away from it. her first son, Abdullah now is current King of Jordan and of course automatically it make Queen Noor being a the Empress Mother of the king.

That why her appearance will also being a public attention moreover she is also the member of Jordan royal family. It makes her seems do anything to preserve her beauty and attractive looks, and as the result now she was rumored trapped on plastic surgery.

There are  a lot of rumor of plastic surgery that floating around Queen Noor such as facelift, lip implants, and Botox injections around her jawline, forehead and eyes. At first it seems that the plastic surgery really do their job right here and make Queen Noor looks wonderful at firstly. But it seems that she was addicted to it and do over and over again plastic surgery make her seems trapped on it and cant run away.

Her face looks plumped up, frozen, expressionless and seems like a mask-to be. In other hand you may see that Queen Noor looks like flawless and toned, looks like a porcelain but it seems her face can e cracked any time, how horrible. Her cheek looked too lifted with fat that could be injected there, it help her cheek not shaggy but in other hand it also looks swollen and unnatural. Her lips also looks so juicy and thick, much bigger than her picture before she is marrying King Hussein of Jordan.

Its true that Queen Noor face looks flawless, toned and looks like a porcelain without any wrinkle and aging sign like laugh line sin her face. People believed that Queen Noor had undergone botox or facial filler to make her face looks like now. It could be, she also had frequent botox injection to keep her face flawless and young, but it likely she overdo it and make people accused Queen Noor was trapped on plastic surgery procedure.

Not only being a celebrity, a Royal family member also should face almost similar reality that they should looks attractive and wonderful in front of their people. Queen Noor has feel the same, that way she could e done anything including plastic surgery to preserve her beauty and seems trapped on it. but Queen Noor is only just human being who will never win to defeat the fate of being old.