Lisa Kudrow Allegedly Plastic Surgery and Botox

Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery Lisa Kudrow Allegedly Plastic Surgery and Botox

Well known as Phoebe Buffay in the television sitcom Friends and seems still wonderful in her 49 actress Lisa Kudrow allegedly plastic surgery and botox to keep her youthful essence. Me, personally, I do really admiring this actress who was born in Encino, Los Angeles, California at July 30, 1963.

Lisa Kudrow not only brilliant at acting she is also smart woman who received BA in Biology from Vassar College. Despite the actress that received Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class in her recent TV series Web Therapy also blessed with attractive looks that will make anyone fell for her. Since Lisa Kudrow looks still fabulous although has been giving birth one son and already in 49, could not help herself was rumored doing cosmetic procedure like plastic surgery and dermal injection like botox to preserve her beauty assets.

Personally I don’t really agree to whom committed plastic surgery, but sometimes I think that even smart woman like Lisa Kudrow also feels afraid of aging that make her beauty started to fade away. Lisa Kudrow wanst kind of wrinkle paranoia actress, proved in some occasions you will see her face was filled with wrinkles. it seems that she just got some treatment to make her appearance looks much better in the other day.

About plastic surgery, Lisa Kudrow admitted she has undergone plastic surgery for job nose or Rhinoplasty. Lisa Kudrow said she has done Rhinoplasty in her 16 years old because she feel insecure about her nose size. The Rhinoplasty help Lisa to reduce her nose size and make it looks better. Although for some people her nose looks better, Lisa Kudrow ever tells to American magazine Allure that she feel unsatisfied about it. “But I’m not even sure I love how that turned out, I think plastic surgery looks weird – like plastic surgery”.

And now seems that Lisa Kudrow started to loves her nose and doesn’t care about it anymore. Along with her age that increased, again the rumor of plastic surgery floating around her that was coupled with dermal injection or botox to make her like this. About the rumor of plastic surgery,despite her previously  Rhinoplasty , Lisa Kudrow has her own answer. Lisa Kudrows tells New York Magazine that she is going to plastic surgery when she is turning to 60 years old but not now. She said “It’s sometimes just hard to watch yourself. I mean, look, time marches on. You can’t look 30 when you’re not, I don’t even know what to say about it. [Cosmetic surgery] makes me nervous, that stuff.”

Seems that Lisa Kudrow realize she cant even competed with new talent girl in her 18 or 20, so she choose to let it e and make it naturally til she reached 60 and could be considered plastic surgery.

Well Lisa Kudrow is really smart woman, she respond to plastic surgery and botox rumor so wisely by proved that she has nothing to do with them from now on. I should appreciate it, that she wasn’t kind of wrinkle paranoia given the current many actress in her 20 or 30 undergone plastic surgery or botox injection for their beauty. We proud of you Lisa.