Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Rumors

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Rumors
Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Rumor

The rumor about Cameron Diaz got plastic surgery is like a myth in Hollywood. There are so much evidences, but Cameron Diaz also easily to proof  that the rumor of plastic surgery is not true. It maybe this woman too embarrassed to admit about plastic surgery. Or it maybe Cameron Diaz face has its aging naturally and of course she had greatest make up artist ever.

We may say that Cameron Diaz is a like a myth for Hollywood plastic surgery rumor. Too much and too many rumor about it make Cameron Diaz just laugh and shy away anytime confirmed about this rumor. But the rumor stated that Cameron Diaz has numerous plastic surgery procedures like nose job, botox, breast implant, and could be conservative facelift.

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Pic Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Rumors
Cameron Diaz Nose Job
Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before After
Cameron Diaz Breast Implant

Cameron Diaz rumored performed her nose job with the assistant of Dr. Raj Kanodia, who also do the same thing to Jennifer Aniston and Ashlee Simpson. But Cameron Diaz never admitted and said her nose is quite natural. The rumor spreading because she used to has big piggy nose but recently it looks much smaller and thinner with well defined on the tip as the indication of rhinoplasty.

Cameron Diaz also ever rumored has breast implant by seeing her topless and bikini photos which is showing how big her breast now compared than before. Her face also looks too smooth and flawless for woman in 40, stay toned and less wrinkle so people believed she already has had plastic surgery like facelift or botox.

But until now, Cameron Diaz was never ever admitting about plastic surgery rumor that floated around her. It seems that Cameron Diaz enjoying seeing people struggling with their speculation whether she got plastic surgery or not.

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