Did Kim Basinger Have Plastic Surgery?

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Did Kim Basinger Have Plastic Surgery?
Kim Basinger 59 Years Old

Kim Basinger is likely should put more patience to face the rumor of plastic surgery that buffeted her life. The rumor that Kim Basinger conducted plastic surgery were kind of old and long time gossip that seems never can be separated for this condition.

Kim Basinger was started her career since very long time ago. But now Kim Basinger is not young anymore, she is already 59 years old, and like any other Hollywood senior celebrities, its seems that she is also following wrinkle paranoia brigade.Kim Basinger has been rumored got several procedures plastic surgery but till now this women never admitted that she has one.

Its been rumored that Kim Basinger has conducted plastic surgery for facelift, nose job, dermal injection and probably botox too. But for some reason, personally I think Kim Basinger has aging naturally and didn’t try to hard to hide it. But in some occasion I also should be admitted that seeing her face that looks too toned, flawless and smooth.

Despite that her face also looks so frozen, plumped and stiffed as an indication Kim Basinger already has facelift trough plastic surgery. The rumor also continues that Kim Basinger also make her nose looks more perfect and well refined with more pointed and defined on the tip trough the nose job as well as dermal injection or botox that was injected on her forehead.

Ger forehead look immobile and too lifted make people believed the rumor she got botox including fillers, like Juvederm to abolish wrinkles from her face. Although Kim Basinger never admitted about this rumor, but OcBody plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia believed about it by observing Kim Basinger’s photos time to time.

When confirmed about this rumor Kim Basinger just lough to it and said she use night cream with protein that sometimes give her plumped face similar with woman who has facelift. What about your opinion? did you believe that Kim Basinger face looks plumped just because on her expensive night cream or caused by plastic surgery? well I love to hear your opinion by write your comment on the box bellow.