The Plastic Surgery Rumors of Robin McGraw

Robin McGraw Plastic Sugery Before and After The Plastic Surgery Rumors of Robin McGraw

Robin McGraw, as well known as wife from Dr. Phil McGraw, already has been rumored that she did anything to her face. Though she is not admitted it, many people believe that she has facelift and nose job. You can view it by compare her picture. If at the past her cheeks look like thin, today it is look like chubby. You can also view her nose—it is more round today than the picture at last taken. Her lips are also look like that it already has lip injection. Though it is not extreme like other actresses, still, she is look different.

Reason for Robin McGraw for Taking Plastic Surgery

Robin McGraw (60) is known as Dr. Phil’s wife in Dr. Phil (TV Series). She is also a speaker, and she is also an author of two books, Inside My Heart and What’s Age Got to Do with It? She gives many tips to become pretty in natural way in those books. That’s the reason why she is look younger than her age. But still, it is strange when you see a 60 years old woman without wrinkles in her face. That must be something she’s hiding.

Robin McGraw doesn’t Admit on getting Plastic Surgery

But it seems that Robin McGraw enjoyed the rumors. She keeps admitted that she is not doing any plastic surgeries. She just said that she is using certain cream to care her face and she always drink a lot of water to keep her body always fresh. Yeah, something which hiding, someday it will appear. Today plastic surgery is not a strange thing to do because many celebrities do it. Then, why doesn’t she just admit it? It is still become big secrets why she still keeps secret about her reasons to do surgery. Many people said that it is because of her age. Yeah, age is actually something that you can’t avoid.