No Plastic Surgery for Robert Redford

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before and After No Plastic Surgery for Robert Redford

Robert Redford has stated in various interviews that he will never follow the trend of many other aging Hollywood actors to go under the knife. But his recent appearance in which he seems slightly younger and fresher resulted in a speculation that he might have had a little surgery done. Plenty of gossip magazines speculate that he might have an eye lift in order to reduce the wrinkles and bags around his eyes. Even so, there has not been any confirmation that could prove the truth of that rumor. His publicist has even stated that the rumor is wholly false.

Robert Redford won’t sacrifice his career for Plastic Surgery

Robert Redford started his career as an actor back in the 50s. But not until the 60s where he really got his big break in acting. His first well known acting gig was in the movie Maverick followed by many other movies such as War Hunt, Barefoot In the Park, and also The Chase among many others. He received one Golden Globe Awards for his portrayal of Wade Lewis in the movie of Inside Daisy Clover. He also has received three BAFTA and two Oscars, one as a director and the other as a lifetime achievement awards.

Cosmetic Surgery is Not the Right Thing

Robert Redford has stated in various interviews that he intends to age gracefully. So far, we could see those trace of natural aging including wrinkles and spots. Even so, he still looks very good in her age that almost reaches the 80s. The media certainly loves to make a rumor about plastic surgery just like many other actors. But there has not been any type of confirmation about plastic surgery including Botox or facelifts. Moreover, He and also his publicists have clearly denied any type of rumors in regards towards him getting plastic surgery.