Plastic Surgery Nightmare Jennifer Esposito Appearance Disaster

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Nightmare Jennifer Esposito Appearance Disaster
Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery

Instead of getting better and maximal appearance, Hollywood plastic surgery nightmare was happen to Jennifer Esposito that make her appearance becoming disaster. I can say that Jennifer Esposito very beautiful used to be, she is pretty, talented and charming. But seems that unsatisfied and insecurity about her appearance make her trying cosmetically procedural trough plastic surgery. As the result right now Jennifer Esposito was identically as one of Hollywood plastic surgery nightmare that creating hard disaster on her face that make her feel remorse about her step that she had done.

Jennifer Esposito the widow of the American actor Bradley Cooper was born in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. at April 11, 1973. Jennifer Esposito well known not only as an American actress but also she also known for dancer and model. People noticed her preety face and charming looks when she portrayed Nancy the bartender in 1998 American slasher film I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. After that Eposito was also appear in some Hollywood blockbuster like Summer of Sam and Crash. Beside being and actress for big screen, Eposito also was appear on the television program like Spin City, The Looney Tunes Show, Samantha Who?, and Blue Bloods. But recently she said she wasn’t able to come to the polite society because of her her plastic surgery becoming disaster and make her being one of Hollywood plastic surgery nightmare.

Everybody must be agreed that Jennifer Esposito was very beautiful but recently she looks bit weird. In recent conversation she admit that her face looks so scary and weird. It because Eposito took extreme step trough plastic surgery to make her appearance especially on the face. The NY Post also stated that Eposito being one of Hollywood plastic surgery nightmare with disaster on her face caused by laser treatment. They sated that the cosmetically procedure leaves red stripes on her face. Eposito said that her face becoming disaster when she entrusted her facial care to the New York Dermatology Group in Manhattan. As the result Jennifer Esposito undertake a lawsuit on them.

It because actually at the first time came there, Jennifer Esposito laser skin resurfacing. Instead of handled by the expert, the beauty clinic handed her laser skin resurfacing to the medical assistants who seems less experienced. As the result of this small procedure of plastic surgery was left loss of pigmentation on her cheeks and permanent burn marks on her face. Of course the treatment becoming disaster on our poor Jennifer Eposito face  and make her becoming one of Hollywood plastic surgery nightmare.

Its sad and unbelievable that the doctor or beauty clinic handed very sensitive laser skin resurfacing to someone that less experienced for client like Jennifer Eposito and any other woman of course. And the recent rumor that said Hollywood plastic surgery nightmare Jennifer Eposito appearance disaster make her closing up herself and was reluctant to hang out with the society.