Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Rumors

Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Rumors

After stated as the ideal type woman to crush for 48 male celebrities this Korean actress Secret Garden series Ha Ji Won exposed to rumors then exposed to rumors plastic surgery for beauty transformation. Ha Ji Won is a prominence name for some successful Korean drama especially the Secret Garden series that gaining so many fans not only in Korean but also in the world particularity in Asia itself.

She has beautiful face with innocence looks that was combined with good personality image make Ha Ji Won being one of Korean stars that has so many fan base around the world.

But her successful career and life will be costly by the emergence of rumors she is fake celebrities that doing beauty transformation trough plastic surgery to establish her career. It was strengthens with the fact that in previously photos that showing Ha Ji Won picture before she become famous celebrities was really different and showing that she is changes so drastically.

Jeon Hae-rim or public better known her as Ha Ji Won is a South Korean actress that was born in Seoul, South Korea on 28 June 1978. Ha Ji Won started stealing public attention with her lead role in Korean horror film entitled Phone that praised her with best actress nomination at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Since than her pretty face were sapper in some Korean movies and drama series like Reversal of Fortune, 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant and Something Happened in Bali in early 2004. But Ha Ji Won really gained international fans when she was portraying Gil Ra Im in the fantasy drama, Secret Garden with Hyun Bin in 2010.

Likely being a public habit in Korea that their actress will have so many fans yet countless haters that try to searching for the disgrace or scandal of the artist in the past. And now Ha Ji Won felt the same after suddenly her teenage pictures or precisely before she got her popularity a some of Korean actress spreading a lot on the internet.

You may noticed that how different her looks before and after being a Korean actress indicate that the rumor plastic surgery for beauty transformation was true. Ha Ji Won were accused doing Rhinoplasty for the nose job fixed and could be eyelid surgery trough the Blepharoplasty.

It can be true because previously you may say that despite having what you called as the piggy nose, Ha Ji Won nose also bit flat and not well shaped on the bridge. But over and over again her nose now look sharper and more pointed on the tip with more curved on the bridge indicated that the Rhinoplasty for the nose job fixed had doing their job well.

Despite her eyes also looks much bigger and wider sometimes remind you to the eyes of anime character that bit unnatural make people believed that she has done eyelid surgery here.

Like any other Korean actress, seems that this Secret Garden Series cast Ha Ji Won had a lot of statement to denies she had undergone plastic surgery for beauty transformation. She said her beauty is natural and as the product of cosmetic and great make up actress that creating perfectness on her face. Will she at least admitted plastic surgery like Demi Moore did? I don’t know just waist and see what happen next to this beauty Ha Ji Won.