Did Giuliana Rancic Have Plastic Surgery?

Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Did Giuliana Rancic Have Plastic Surgery?
Giuliana Rancic

Not all people become beautiful, or at least feel more beautiful by doing plastic surgery procedure. Some people really against plastic surgery and they have had their own ways to keep perfect appearance.

She is Giuliana Rancic, an Italian-American famous presenter who doesn’t like plastic surgery. She thinks that injecting certain liquid such as Botox is not the best solution. Giuliana states, “When you start injecting something to your skin, it means that you start aging.” There are many ways can be done to be wonderful without applying any injection or plastic surgery. Having a natural caring skin is better than injecting certain products to hide aging.

Giuliana confidently says that she has understood the problem of aging. “You don’t need that much makeup. Just take care of skin”, she said to HollywoodLife.com.

So, what is her beauty secret?

It is the DDF skin care, a series of beauty treatment that is used by Giulana 10 years ago. The product will treat and protect skin perfectly. Further she explains that is the best ways she did to take care of her skin, such as a dermatologist who treats her skin well.

Maybe you can follow the method to get good, shiny and bright skin.