Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery Before After

Before South Korea well known as country which their idol looks good with plastic surgery, Japanese recording artist Ayumi Hamasaki have first and much longer buffeted with the rumor of plastic surgery. It seems that Ayumi Hamaski probably the most famous Japanese artist that the most frequent and most widely gossiped with the rumor of plastic surgery for beauty transformation.

Ayumi Hamasaki was rumored had numerous plastic surgery to enhance her beauty and as an excuse for the beauty transformation. But similar with any other Asian celebrities that was rumored with plastic surgery, Ayumi Hamasaki never clearly admitted yet denied about that rumor. Unlike Hollywood celebrities, seems that Asian celebs is still consider the admission of to perform plastic surgery is taboo and shameful. And like Ayumi Hamasaki did by remaining silent with the rumor she looks wonderful with plastic surgery.

Rumor stated that Ayumi Hamasaki has performs numerous procedure of plastic surgery such as double eyelid surgery, nose surgery and lip enhancements. Those rumor widely spreading when people tries to compared between her photos pre her debut with recently hen she already gain her  popularity.

Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery Before After Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery Transformation Pictures

People said that Ayumi Hamasaki just changing too much, too dramatic, and too drastic. Not only just grew up from ordinary innocence girl into hot pretty singer, but also Ayumi Hamasaki has totally changing her face. For commonly Japanese people of course Ayumi Hamasaki eyes is too large and too big, like the character on the manga and anime.

Based on that people accused Ayumi Hamasaki has double eyelid surgery. Her nose also looks much sharper, thinner and pinched compared with her photos before she is going to be famous. Ayumi Hamasaki lip also looks more nutritious and juicy, compared before hen she still has wide thin lips that lees juicy. Along with that rumor who said Ayumi Hamasaki has undergone plastic surgery, her management Avex Trax said that her actress looks good with greatest and best professional make up artist.

Waiting for confirmation about plastic surgery rumor from Ayumi Hamasaki is like waiting for the rain in the drought,seems impossible and too long.  So personally hat do you think about Ayumi Hamasaki appearance? Do you believe that her fabulous make up artist were able to conjure up her appearance? Well you decide by leaving your comments on the box bellow.