Did Park Min Young Have Plastic Surgeries?

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After Did Park Min Young Have Plastic Surgeries?

Park Min Young may not be a strange figure for those who love Korean; especially its drama. She has terribly perfect beauty with her; making all heads turn to her whenever she comes up in any Korean drama or television show. Do you wonder whether she does or does not have plastic surgery to gain such beauty? If yes, well, then you will get the convincing answer; right from the actress. A statement has been made by this Korean actress; saying that she did undergo plastic surgery to advance her performance. Let’s say, her effort was a success; looking at her face right now.

Story behind Park Min Young Plastic Surgery

Born 28 years ago; Park Min Young, who was an alumnus of Dongguk University, has been involved on several Korean drama series. The most popular were City Hunter and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Besides those two titles, there are still more television dramas Min Young has taken roles on; including a horror entitled ‘The Cat’, which was created in 2011. Park Min Young also earns living from her being a model of music videos. She has worked with some Korean singers, counting the famous boy band Big Bang, for instance. Due to her great performance, Min Young has been nominated for some awards in her country. She won most of those nominations, for example, as the best actress and fashion artist.

Her princess-like look is surely a meaningful tool to be popular and active in more Korean dramas or other kinds of entertainment works; besides her great talent. Therefore, the people may not have objection about her having plastic surgery in the past. Moreover, this kind of surgery is quite common in Korea; even some people roughly say that there is no beautiful Korean actress who does not take plastic surgery. Park Min Young herself has admitted that she has done nose surgery when she was just in junior high school; as well as double-eyelid surgery.