Has Diane Sawyer Had Plastic Surgery?

Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery Has Diane Sawyer Had Plastic Surgery?

She is beautiful and quite dazzling although already 66 years old, based on that people that thinking that it could be this ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer has had plastic surgery. Actually guessing whether right or not the woman that ever being an co anchor in ABC News’s morning news program and Good Morning America (GMA) has undergone plastic surgery.

She is kind of senior anchor that has been for  along time standing in front of camera and delivery news. But Diane Sawyer also blessed with good genes from English, Irish, Scots-Irish, and German ancestry that could be make her really pretty and chic.

But no matter how hard that good genes work, Diane Sawyer is already 66 years old, and its strange fro woman in that time live without any wrinkle and still has pretty amazing toned skin. Moreover she has been very a long time in front of the screen that requires her to looks always beauty and attractive could be a main reason she has had plastic surgery.

Anchor woman is always beautiful and smart, and maybe this ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer has had plastic surgery to keep her attractive look in front of camera.

Actually whether Diane Sawyer has had plastic surgery or not, she is quite beautiful and still natural. It may possibly if she got it, she has undergone plastic surgery in very wise ways and not excessive so she still look amazing till now. People said that it could be this ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer has facelift by looking at her facial appearance that looks so toned, it lifted cheek and those who looks flawless.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer says despite facelift, Diane also may took neck lift so the “turkey neck” that usually appear on woman over 50 has disappeared. She may took dermal injection too but in fine and small portion so that she is still looks natural and pretty till now on.

This doctor also believed that Diane Sawyer also has nose job fixed to make her nose looks more we refined on its bridge. This opinion also proved by OcBody plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia and Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist whom believed that Diane Sawyer has undergone plastic surgery for facelift more that once.

It being an explanation why does she looks like woman in 35 although she is already 66. Those also combined with botox to abolish wrinkle on the forehead and Juverderm to make her facial skin quite elastic. Those doctors also agreed that she has plastic surgery or dermal injection in right portion, not too excessive and overdo, so as the result she looks natural and great till today.

It seems that this ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer understand that delivering serious news on the TV should be combined with pretty face to make this program more interesting and not too stiffed. And with the plastic surgery rumor she has had before, Diane Sawyer is really wise to do it as needed and not excessive. Good job Ma’am.