Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After

Maria Shriver is one among the various names of American celebrities, who was reported of having experiences on plastic surgeries. It was in March 2013, when the 58 years old woman was caught in different –in fact, surprising– appearance from the previous year. Her skin looks shiny and unnatural. A posted comparison between her pictures; the current and the older ones, showed that there was a change which was enough to be the reason for people to accuse her of taking plastic surgery. The dispute to talk about Maria’s surgery truth continued, since the woman did not make clear clarification whether she did it or not. Yet, many people believed that she did.

Born in 1955, Maria is a part of ‘Kennedy Family’. In fact, she is the niece of John Kennedy, the famous American president as her mother is his sister. During her celebrity life, this mother of four children is also known as the former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger; an actor and California Governor. In addition, she is also recognized as a journalist in America, as well as the author of some best-seller books. She was also the producer of several documentary films, the advocate for intellectually disabled people, and parts of some charitable and political events. For her roles, she has been awarded of two Emmy Awards and other awards for her being television personality and journalism achievement.

Maria is not only smart and talented, but she was also gifted a good-looking face and quite an ideal body shape which may be still there when she aged. However, what we see today in her face makes it hard to believe that she did not take any plastic surgery. According to several opinions, including from the expert, Maria’s appearance reflects some signs of plastic surgery results. For example is her smooth shiny skin face which is suspected to be the effect of facelifts and botox injection.