What are Alex Pettyfer’s Favorite Movies?

Alex Pettyfer is a famous English actor. He has played some roles in many movies, such as ‘Stormbreaker’, ‘Wild Child’, ‘I am Number Four’, ‘ Beastly’ and ‘Magic Mike’. Alex Pettyfer started his career as a model in England. When he was seven, the British sweetheart began to model for notable fashion brand, ‘Gap’. Alex Pettyfer then left his modeling career and became a teen actor. As an actor, his cute and hot appearance has gained him ‘teen idol’ nickname. He is also popular for his romantic relationships with several Hollywood actresses, such as Dianna Agron, Emma Roberts and the latest one, Riley Keough. When he is not very busy with his career, Alex Pettyfer loves to watch movies. Here are several movies that he loves.

Alex Pettyfer Favorite Things What are Alex Pettyfer’s Favorite Movies?

Alex Pettyfer’s Favorite Classic Movies

The heartthrob really enjoys watching movies in his trailer when he gets the time. Alex Pettyfer likes classic movies in particular. One of his favorite classic movies is ‘Giant’, a 1956 film starring Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor. It’s about a man from Texas who falls in love with an independent and rich lady in Virginia. ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ is also one of Alex Pettyfer’s Favorite Things. It’s a 1975 movie, starring Jack Nicholson.

Alex Pettyfer’s Favorite 2000s Movies

This talented actor loves 2000s movies, too. He likes ‘Flashback of a Fool’, a 2008 film starring the famous Daniel Craig. This movie is about an actor who explores his childhood in England to find out about his current life.