Malin Ackerman’s Favorite Movies and Books

Malin Ackerman is a talented Swedish Canadian actress. She has played in many movies and television shows, such as ’27 Dresses’, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, ‘Watchmen’, ‘The Proposal’ and ‘Couples Retreat’. She was a child and teenage model in Canada and signed to the famous Ford Agency. Besides her career in acting and modeling, Malin Ackerman is also notable for her brief career in music. She was the lead vocalist of a band called ‘The Petalstones’ before fully focused on her acting career. When she’s not too busy working, Malin Ackerman loves reading some books and watching movies. What are her favorite?

Malin Ackerman2 Malin Ackerman’s Favorite Movies and Books

Favorite Movies

Being an actress has made this lovely lady attracted to the film world. She loves to spend her free time watching movies, which are not her own movies, of course. Malin Ackerman likes ‘Annie Hall’, a romantic comedy directed by Woody Allen in 1977. Another romantic movie that she loves is ‘Dirty Dancing’, a 1987 movie. She also loves a French movie called ‘Betty Blue’, which was released in 1986. Malin Ackerman’s favorite movies are not just the comedy and romantic ones. ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ is included as her favorite movie as well. Apparently, she likes various genres of movies.

Favorite Books

Besides watching movies, the actress also enjoys reading books. Paulo Coelho is one of her favorite authors, and she really likes the book ‘Veronika Decides to Die’. Another favorite book of hers is ‘Don’t Sleep with Your Drummer’ by Jen Sincero. This book is somehow related to her personal life, because she’s married to the drummer of her band. No wonder it’s one of Malin Ackerman’s Favorite Things.