Jessica White Nose Job Before and After

JessicaWhiteNoseJob Jessica White Nose Job Before and After
Jessica White Nose Job Before and After

Jessica White is American model and occasional actress born in 1984. She is originally from New York and was scouted there when she was thirteen years old. Her black skin and exotic appearance makes her modeling career rocketing. She is modeling for many brands such as Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit. She is beautiful, not classically, but she has everything appeal the to the fashion set that is why she becomes very famous model.

A Perfect Nose Job

Jessica White went under knife for her nose. Previously she had wider and flatter nose for her svelte body but with the rhinoplasty she got projected and narrow nose. She fully changed her nose unlike many celebrities who only make little change to their previous nose. She did it without speculation as the result is amazing. Her nose makes her look more exotic, compliment her black skin and beautiful eyes. Her nose job is named as one of the best nose jobs ever. Most people have accepted the condition that she is more beautiful after her nose job as a fact. Even a surgeon from Miami said that Jessica White did have a well defined nose. The nose job gave her very pointed and smaller shape than her original one.

Who was her surgeon?

Because of amazing result of her nose job, people is curious about who her surgeon was. But there isn’t the news yet and people are still curious. Her surgeon did very great work. When people talk about celebrity with successful nose job, her name always appears.