Did Lynda Carter Have Plastic Surgery?

Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery Did Lynda Carter Have Plastic Surgery?
Lynda Carter 61 Years Old

Aging is a natural process happen in human. It is normal when people aged and they have any sagging and wrinkles. However not all people accept this kind of stuff. Some people, especially women, will always try to against aging. Lynda Carter is maybe only one of many of those who do it.

Lynda Carter will be 62-year old in this year and no people deny her fabulous. She is still appropriate in wonder woman suit.  In her age, it is rather questioning when she still has that very nice smooth and tight skin. It invites plastic surgeons to reveal that Lynda looks like had a nice facelift to make it firm and tight, because it is not so pulled. Lynda face-lifting just an effort to make it tight suitable to her age to lose wrinkles and line in her face. What a nice facelift. Who is the doctor? I wonder.

Besides, sagging bag under the eyes are also the indication of aging. The elasticity will less years by years in line with aging process. That is why Lynda applies blepharoplasty to tighten her eyelid. Blepharoplasty is the light cosmetic surgery procedure but give big impact to our appearance. Losing eye bags will give an impression of fresh face.

My opinion is supported by Dr. Sherrell J Aston. He reveals that Lynda Carter used to do blepharoplasty and maybe uses Botox regularly to keep her face firm and remove wrinkles. There is also a report that she uses laser treatments, but Dr. Aston says that there no way to use it to make the skin bright because the application of makeup will hide it.

Confirming about this rumor, Lynda Carter says that she against for it. She reveals that plastic surgery just makes people look so weird and she doesn’t understand why people waste much money on it. However, reconsidering her beauty, it is looks like impossible if she doesn’t apply any plastic surgery procedure. Do you agree?