Did Jessica Alba Get a Nose Job ?

JessicaAlba NoseJob Did Jessica Alba Get a Nose Job ?
Jessica Alba Nose Job Before and After

Jessica Alba, born in 1981 is an American television and film actress and model. She started her career when she was thirteen years old and went to hall of fame when she became main role in television series entitled Dark Angel. She also starred some movies such as Honey, Into The Blue, and Good Luck Chuck. She was married to Cash Warren who she met during the making of film Fantastic Four. They have two children, four years old Honor and two years old Haven.

There is rumor about Jessica Alba did the rhinoplasty or nose job. People noticed it in 2006 where she looked different. She appeared at ALMA award and six days later she attended Joe Francis’ birthday. The nose of her looked different. In the first event hers looked normal but in the second event hers looked pinched and strange. Usually rhinoplasty needs few weeks to months to recover but Ashlee Simpson recovered only in five days so there was possibility she went under knife for her nose. But in recent years, her nose job rumor is not widely spreading. There isn’t any news yet about her nose job as there isn’t any clarification neither from her or the expert. So unlike many celebrities with most-published nose surgery, Jessica Alba isn’t famous for it.

If Alba went under knife, it was bad because it is very small and pointy. In other word, hers is dinky. Once in the past she revealed that she didn’t like her nose so there was possibility that she has got her nose done back in 2006.