Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery for Breast Implant

Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery for Breast Implant

Intends to look more sexier but ended with remorse is something perceived by host Bethenny Frankel revealed was regretted plastic surgery for breast implant. Although becoming one of Hollywood celebrity, seems that host Bethenny Frankel having similar problem that should be faced by so many woman, feel insecure about her body shape. The size of breast becoming common issue that woman felt including this American host Bethenny Frankel that feel insecure about her breast size. Previously her breast size is 32A cup and she got plastic surgery breast implant to transform it into 32ff. Wow such a huge changing, and firstly she really proud of it ad says feel more sexier and hotter especially on her bed. But recently shocking news was floating around her that she said her decision of breast augmentation is so wrong.

Bethenny Frankel was born at November 4, 1970 and was well known as American TV personality, author, entrepreneur, talk show host and natural foods chef. She is a host for some TV program and star for several reality shows that make public so easily recognize her appearance. This mother of one child started her professional career on the screen when she has small role in 1993 short film Soiree Sans Hors D’oeuvres. She is also the original member for the reality show The Real Housewives of New York City and appear on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Based on her educational background as a graduate of National Gourmet Institute for Healthy and Culinary Arts in New York City,[4] New York University and Boston University make her becoming professional chef and has tribute as healthy food guru. Recently Bethenny Frankel is a host for her own TV series named Bethenny.

As I said before, firstly Bethenny Frankel was really proud with her new breast size that getting bigger and though than before. She ever gives statement that her new size breast  make her “…more freely and uninhibited to enjoy a sexual experience”. But recently Bethenny Frankel make a shocking confession that she is really regretted the breast augmentation plastic surgery that she did before. Actually with her new size of breast from 32Acup to 32ff cup, will make her becoming sexy hot woman with curved body shaped, but she said she was uncomfortable with this condition. Bethenny Frankel said its true that previously her breast looks so toned and though but as time went on soon her breast becoming shaggy and slack. Her breast recently more shaggy and gigantic make her blaming the breast augmentation, breast implant plastic surgery that she did before.

She also said that she wanted another surgery process to remove the implant from it, but she stumble on financial problems as a struggling chef. “The minute I had the money, I was like, ‘Let’s do it.’” she said about removing implant from her breast is she has enough fund. Seeing the case of regretted plastic surgery for breast implant that was happen to Bethenny Frankel OcBody plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia said there are  a lot of misconception among the women about the concept of breast augmentation. Dr. John Di Saia added actually doing breast implant for younger woman is unnecessary at all. First it will looks good and toned but soon it going to e shaggy like Bethenny Frankel did.

Plastic surgery always having two side that going to help you to enhance your appearance or on the contrary it can destroyed your appearance. Seems that the statement which is sad host Bethenny Frankel that revealed she was regretted her decision committed plastic surgery breast augmentation, she has to learn it in very hard way.