Alexis Bellino Nose Job Before and After

Alexis Bellino Nose Job Alexis Bellino Nose Job Before and After
Alexis Bellino Nose Job Before After

Appear so constantly in front of screen make everyone required to always be perfect, and seems that Alexis Bellino enhance her beauty trough nose job from plastic surgery. Alexis Bellino is one of the cast member in that reality show, and now she known to have committed a plastic surgery procedure to refine the shape of her nose.

Its likely that Alexis Bellino realize she is not ordinary stay home mother anymore, she is started to be celebrity. And to make her appearance looks more perfect and amazing, according herself of course, Alexis Bellino try to enhance her appearance especially on the nostril part trough plastic surgery for the nose job.

Alexis Bellino known got plastic surgery for the nose job or rhinoplasty by chose Dr. Michael Niccole at CosmetiCar. She said that she is really satisfied and thrilled with the result fro the nose job that already done by this surgeon. Although Alexis Bellino said that the reason behind her nose job trough plastic surgery is to help her from sinusitis, but she cant denied that she is so confidence now with her recent nose look.

Previously, Alexis Bellino has piggy nose but with too narrowed on the nostril bridge. Its make her hard to breath and then decide to got rhinoplasty to release her from that pain. Recently we can see that Alexis Bellino has nutritious nose shape with almost well perfect curve and shape.

The bridge and the tip of her nose looks narrowed proportionally now and looks more defined with its seems perfect on her face. Those was agreed by Dr. David Shafer, celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City and Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer by adding that Alexis Bellino looks good with her new nose and its suits perfectly on her face.

Well as reader, what do you think about Alexis Bellino nose job? Do you agree with the doctors that said her new nose looks good on her? I cant say much if the reason of Alexis Bellino got nose job for her healthy reason, but she also cant denied that she get extra confidence with her new nose too.

Please leave any comments so I will knows your opinion about Alexis Bellino nose job from plastic surgery result.