Did Taeyeon SNSD Undergoes Plastic Surgery?

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery Did Taeyeon SNSD Undergoes Plastic Surgery?
Taeyeon Nose Job Rumor

To convenience public and creating good image being hard job for the independent Korean record label, talent agency, producer, and publisher of pop music SM Entertainment that denies rumor their actress Taeyeon SNSD undergoes plastic surgery. Taeyeon is not the only member of girl band SNSD that was rumored committed plastic surgery to enhance her beauty assets. The other members like Tiffany, Yoona, Jessica and the newest Hyoyeon also rumored undergoes plastic surgery.

But likely SM Entertainments want to creating good image that tgeir actress including Taeyon SNSD and the other members never undergoes plastic surgery. SM Entertainments always said that their actress has great talent like dancing, singing and acting that was completely with natural beauty. But seeing Taeyoon appearance its hard to believe that her face looks so perfect and beauty without any assistance of plastic surgeon. Moreover its so easy to searching for Taeyeon photos in the internet before she is joining SM Entertainment and SNSD.

There you will see how difference her face is and public said that she has been changing so drastically. Although netizen has collected so many proves, SM Entertainments still defense it and said their actress including Taeyeon never undergoes plastic surgery.

Kim Tae-yeon is a South Korean idol singer, host, dancer, actress, and promotional model who was born at March 9, 1989 in Jeonju, South Korea. Taeyeon is the main vocalist and leader of Korean girl group Girls’ Generation or SNSD. Taeyeon has found by SM Entertainments in 2004 after they seeing her talent as the singer and dancer at 8th Annual Best Contest winning Best Singer 1st Place & Grand Award. Despite well known as the singer on SNSD or Girl Generation girl band, Taeyeon also appear on Korean drama series like “Midnight Sun” and being a radio DJ.

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery Rumor Did Taeyeon SNSD Undergoes Plastic Surgery?
Taeyeon Eyelid Surgery Rumor

South Korea is a country that very openly about plastic surgery, more than Japan and America, that why when SM Entertainment firmly denies Taeyeon undergoes plastic surgery public not easily to be convinced. Moreover recently Taeyeon photos when she was a child and before joining SM Entertainment or even SNSD widespread in the internet. There you will see that Taeyeon has been changing so drastically make people believed that she is really undergoes plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. She were accused doing rhinoplasthy or nose job because recently her nose bridge looks sharper and thinner. Taeyeon nose tip also looks smaller than before, make her face was changing so drastically.

Despite she is also rumored undergoes eyelid surgery to make her narrowed eyes like typically Korean girl looks much wider than before. Although the rumor has been floating around Taeyeon for a long time, SM Entertainments insisted that Taeyeon beauty is natural, and she or any other SNSD member will never do plastic surgery as long as they were under their authority.

Its has been a long time public rumored that whole SNSD member including Taeyeon as the leader of course enhance their beauty with plastic surgery. But SM Entertainments always become their shield and broke the rumor. Whether you believed or not Taeyeon has undergoes plastic surgery, I think public more smarter to decide its true or not.