Did Senior Model Christie Brinkley Have Plastic Surgery?

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Did Senior Model Christie Brinkley Have Plastic Surgery?

Although she has her own beauty skin care product, seems cant be release from the rumor that senior model Christie Brinkley gossiped plastic surgery to preserve young and beauty. People understand as the former supermodel and being one of senior model in America, its bit hard for Christie Brinkley to face the reality that she isn’t young anymore and her beauty was starting to fade away. That why based on the reason seems that Christie Brinkley was do many thing including plastic surgery to preserve her beauty and her younger looks.

In other hand although some people accused that the plastic surgery is the shameful thing, but people also admitted that the result is not disappointing. She is still looks gorgeous and wonderful even in her 58 years old make people guessing that she could be woman in the early 35 years old. But in other hand, public also accused that it could be Christie Brinkley also addicted to plastic surgery to enhance her beauty and of course its not good for her. But Christie Brinkley is mature woman who knows its risk and will be take full responsibility from it.

Christie Brinkley was born with birth name Christie Lee Hudson is an American model and actress that was born in Monroe, Michigan at February 2, 1954. Christie Brinkley also tributes as the model with the longest record as the CoverGirl who was appear on 500 magazine covers. Christie Brinkley was blessed with good genes that gives her blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure, and soft features so that its so easy to her being supermodel and cover girl in some magazine like Allure, Playboy, and Men’s Health. Christie Brinkley also tributes as number 16 in the “100 Hottest Women of All-Time”, by Men’s Health magazine in 2011.

Although she is famous and prominent supermodel ever, seems that Christie Brinkley cant win defeated the fate of aging that will make her beauty starting to fade away. Aware about this condition, seems that she has found her fountain of youth which is she stated as the natural treatment and skincare to make her keep young and beauty. But public not fully believe in her and said she was undergone plastic surgery to preserve her beauty assets.

To preserve her beauty and young looks public was accused Christie Brinkley has some procedures of plastic surgery like facelift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) ,neck lift and may also use fillers like Restylane and Juvederm. The facelift make Christine Brinkley cheek looks lifted and there are no sign of sunken there. Eyelid surgery help her abolish the eye bag under her eyes make she looks much younger. The neck lift procedures also make her neck looks toned and free from wrinkle even the Restylane and Juvederm make her face looks flawless and toned especially removing the wrinkle on her forehead.

This statement was agreed by OcBody plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia that said Christie Brinkley do the right thing without any excessive goal that make her looks wonderful even in her 58 years old.

When confirmed about the rumor that she was preserve her beauty and young looks with plastic surgery, this American supermodel bit denied t and says her vegetarian diet and the hard work out as her secret here.