Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After
Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Being old is kinda of bad dream for Joan Rivers, no wonder numerous procedures of plastic surgery has had done by her. Joan Rivers is likely can’t accepted condition that she is no longer young anymore. Afraid of being old make her got the plastic surgery as the solution and way out from that fate, but for some reason this woman seems overdo it.

Joan Rivers facial appearance looks bit odd and horrible. The traces of repeatedly plastic surgery make her face looks so painful and awful. But its likely that Joan Rivers didn’t care about the condition ad said she as addicted to plastic surgery an still has a guts to get it more.

Its seems that Joan Rivers already trapped in plastic surgery procedures, so as the result she is never fells satisfied about it and need to repeat it more and more. Joan Rivers revealed that she has some procedures and repeatedly plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts, a brow lift, cheek lift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), Botox injections, laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels.

Maybe for the first time these procedures of plastic surgery really satisfied her, but recently because of she do it over and over again actually Joan Rivers has botched her own face. If you see Joan River facial appearance, you may see something melted, asymmetrical, unnatural and abnormal condition in her face as the result of overdose plastic surgery.

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Pic Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After
Joan Rivers Overdo Plastic Surgery

The botox injection and chemical peels leaves something extremely pale at her face, cant hide that wrinkles that coming again. A browlift, cheek lift and eyelid surgery creating something asymmetrical and disproportionate on Joan Rivers face make her seems wearing kind of weird mask. The facelift make she get stiffed and frozen expression combined with immobile forehead creating very odd appearance on her.

Well personally, I feel sorry about Joan River facial appearance as the result from numerous plastic surgery. She is too obsessed to it and seems cant stop maybe until she die. And do you think Joan Rivers should stop her obsession to plastic surgery starting from no on? I love to see your opinion about it so please leave any comment on the box bellow.