David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Rumors

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Rumors

I think this lead singer of Whitesnake rock band David Coverdale never learn from his friend another rocker star that seems botched their face with the plastic surgery. It seems like a viral with a lot of rocker star name despite David Coverdale that was allegedly with plastic surgery rumor. We can call them like Axl Rose (Gun n Roses), Steven Tayler(Aerosmith), Michael Phillip Jagger (the Rolling Stone) and many more that were accused changing a lot with any help of plastic surgeon.

And now this lead singer of Whitesnake, David Coverdale seems following their steps and joining rock star plastic surgery brigade. Although never admitted it, David Coverdale seems doesn’t understand that he is kind of rock star that has been very a long time on the stage and has so many fans around the world so people will so easily noticed that something different with his appearance.

His deep voice on the Whitesnake greatest hits like “Fool for Your Loving” and Come an’ Get It make his gained so many fans, yet his cool and good looking appearance and provocative stage action make him more famous and being a legend. But seems that David Coverdale has similar disease like any other rock star which is never ready with the fate of being old. So it make this Whitesnake lead singer took plastic surgery to refine his appearance in his 61 years old. But for some reason, I don’t think his decision make him looks better.

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Before and After David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Rumors

David Coverdale is hot and attractive although not as charming as Axl Rose maybe, but he has a place and a lot of female fans around the world till now on. It was believed that Dave has undergone facelift to avoid his face from sunken and shaggy. Commonly human being in 61 years old will be experienced their face being shaggy or sunken as the result of losing fat as the sign of aging.

But if you seeing David Coverdale recent appearance you must be understood that phenomenon wasn’t experienced by him. Her cheek lifted and fills with fat and more lifted but if you’re paying attention clearly here, you will see that those seems asymmetric and make his face looks weird and like a Muppet. He also accused doing dermal injection to make his face looks smooth but seems overdo it and as the result, those make him having  a weird joker face here.

David Coverdale actually didn’t need any touch of plastic surgery for his appearance. He has been blessed with good looking enough appearance and great voice that will be a lifetime legend with his band Whitesnake. So, its very painful knowing him joining rock star with plastic surgery brigade.