Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people are successful in plastic surgery procedure, but also many of them are failed. The result can be good or can be even worse for some people. “Not all plastic surgery gives nice result,” that is what I think when seeing Wayne Newton’s picture. He is suspected experience botch plastic surgery.

He looks like has over tight face, maybe as a result of facelift and Botox injections that make him looks so stretch and unnatural. He is possibly wants to back his youthful appearance by doing it yet another procedure also unfortunately failed.

Pay attention to those eyebrows. I think those eyebrows are elevated too much. Maybe this is the result of Botox over injection and it makes the “frozen forehead”. The doctor is possible requested to loss the wrinkles and make the forehead smooth. If it is not overdone it will not make the eyebrows are elevated. He is also suspected underwent blephariplasty for his upper eyelid. Besides, I think that his jaw line is too sharp for his age.

Wayne Newton is an iconic singer who nearly 70 year-old. He is looked so natural now because of wrong procedure of plastic surgery. Maybe he tried to be youthful but actually it is hard to fine the same things between him and his young figure. It is unnatural and not as Wayne Newton’s looking. There are too much procedures suspected he did from browlifting, blepharoplasty and facelift.

Now he turns into inhuman figure and not a good example of being reformed over-60-makeover. I believe that man at her age will be afraid to undergo those procedures after seeing him. Well, he is a legend singer. I better suggest him to use only a little bit Botox and avoid the sun lights for his appearance. It is better to focuss on his wonderful voice than reforms the odd appearance.