Amanda Bynes Boob Job Before and After

Amanda Bynes Boob Job Amanda Bynes Boob Job Before and After
Amanda Bynes 2010 & 2012

Rumor about breast implant is going around Amanda Bynes. Her pictures can be identified and found clearly that her boobs are really transformed. Maybe she is just an adult woman who growing mature from teen so it is normal if her boobs are enhanced. How about the size? Do you think it is natural?

She ever stopped her acting in 2010. As she said on her twitter that she was too tired in acting world so she stopped it. And between those years she has her boobs boosted, from cup B standard into cup C full. Maybe that is just what she wants, or maybe it is the trick to back to acting world.

Amanda Bynes, an American designer, singer and actress. She was born on April 3 1986, and in 26 years old she is reported did boob jobs. She is still too young to do this and what she did make her spotted by public.

I think what she had in the past is enough. She is still wonderful, young and sexy. She was wonderful and perfect body with B cup breast, so there is no reason for her to change anything. But, in fact, she did breast enhancement to change the size into full C cup.

She never explains about that, whether it is really done or not. However I suggest that she lets paparazzi and public to judge it their selves. Besides boob jobs, she is also suspected did some facial treatments and injected some liquid to fix her face.

The Botox, fillers and some skin laser treatments are used to lose wrinkles and brighten the face, something that is doesn’t needed to a beautiful young girl like her. Removing chubby cheeks for mature reason can be accepted, but she doesn’t need to make it tighter and does boob job in her age. What a wasteful thing. What is your opinion?