Snooki Plastic Surgery of Breast Implant Rumors

Snooki Plastic Surgery of Breast Implant Snooki Plastic Surgery of Breast Implant Rumors
2011 & 2012

Started from her tweet that she want to have big breast like JWoww, MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” star Snooki gossiped plastic surgery of breast implant. Despite from her Tweet, it seems that her recent appearance also indicate Snooki took breast surgery because yes its true that the measure and the size of her breast also looks increased and bigger. Does she envy with the size of her friend JeniWoww breast size?I don’t know but it seems a common for women to envy about any other woman body size and shape. It even also happen for the MTV reality show Jersey Shore Snooki that seems want t max her appearance by taking breast implant from plastic surgery.

Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi or better known as Snooki is an American reality television personality better known by public since her appearance at MTV reality show Jersey Shore. She was born at November 23, 1987 in Santiago, Chile. After following episode in reality shown Jersey Shore, Snooki then appearance in any other talk show in America that make her gained popularity. She has been appearance in The View, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Late Show with David Letterman and The Wendy Williams Show. Hollywood stated that she is the most highest paid reality stars about $150,000 per episode. Recently Snooki was appear on the 2012 comedy The Three Stooges which is she portraying herself along altogether with any other cast of Jersey Shore.

After becoming star of course Snooki life never free from gossip including rumor about she got breast implant trough plastic surgery to increasing her breast size. It cant be helped because automatically people compared her recent appearance with hers before when she was in Jersey Shore. Her breast looks bigger, though and stronger remaining small space in her chest. I don’t know but I think her breast has beg before, but we know that Snooki is bit buxom, or we may cal she was fatter before that why the size and measurement her breast doesn’t look clear here. That why when she was gossiped doing breast augmentation Dr. David Shafer, celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City, do not fully believe in this rumor. She said Snooki breast looks bigger because she was lose some weight now. That loosing weight make her body getting slimmer but as the result her breast seems pumped and make it looks bigger anyway. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer also added if Snooki want to increase her breast trough plastic surgery, she only need a very small portion of implant to enhance her looks and make her breast bigger.

Well she is still 25 and I think she is beauty and perfect just the way she is. But its MTV reality show Jersey Shore star Snooki choice whether she want her breast implant trough plastic surgery or not, but its better for her to decline it for several times.