Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before and AfterRecently actress Vivica Fox was entered the ranks of black celebrity women with plastic surgery following Beyonce, Diana Ross, Lil’ Kim and Kelly Rowlan. like any other Hollywood celebrity the plastic surgery rumor also floating among black celebrity woman including actress Vivica Fox. It can be understood, Hollywood is a hard entertainment world that regardless of race and color no matter black or white women celebrity, the rumor of plastic surgery to enhance their beauty is common acknowledge here. But when I hears about Vivica Fox name that recently was entered the ranks of black celebrity woman that was rumored plastic surgery, I hardly believe in this rumor. Vivica Fox is beautiful and sexy woman with kind of great talented acting, so what else?I think Vivica Fox try to satisfied Hollywood with her recent appearance that was believed make her looks much better so rapper 50 Cents was fall for her.

Vivica Anjanetta Fox better known with shortly Vivica Fox is an American actress and television producer that was born in South Bend, Indiana at July 30, 1964. Several blockbuster Hollywood movies had credited her name on it such as Independence Day, Set It Off, Soul Food, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, Kill Bill, and etc. Vivica Fox recently dated rapper 50 Cent and she also becoming participant in reality show Dancing with Superstar. Vivica Fox is a talented actress that make her awarded with a lot of awards nomination such as MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, Nominated – NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture, Nominated – BET Award for Best Actress and many more.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before After Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After
Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before & After

Vivicia Fox is wonderful, but like any other Hollywood black woman celebrity, of course the gossips will be floating around on her. Not only about her personal life, the rumor also stated that Vivica Fox was following any other black woman celebrity to enhance their appearance trough plastic surgery. The greatest rumor said that Vivica Fox was committed breast implant to increased the size of her breast. For some reason I don’t really believed that she took breast implant plastic surgery, because I didn’t find any differences here. But some people believed that her breast looks more rounded and bigger now.

They say previously Vivicia Fox’s breast looks shaggy and leaving much space on her chest that make her feel insecure about her assets size. Seems here that Vivica Fox was following the other Hollywood black women celebrity like Beyonce that also accused doing breast augmentation after giving birth her daughter. If the breast augmentation that was allegedly to her was true, it seems that she had do it in the right way because its make her looks better. Well although the breast augmentation that she took make her looks better some people still said that it was unnaturally.

Vivica Fox is like commonly any other Hollywood black women celebrity, nothing special and nothing less too compared to other. So when the rumor about plastic surgery was crashed on her life, its unfair to lame her  and judge her for everything she does.