Did Melania Trump Have Plastic Surgery?

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Did Melania Trump Have Plastic Surgery?

Talking about woman around American real estate magnate seems never end and goes around such as this glamor luxury mom Melania Trump plastic surgery denial that recently crashed her life. Everybody must be knows that Melania Trump, Donal Trump newest wife is kind of hot and sexy woman. Since Melania Trump is still single and posed on the catwalk she has been stealing people attention including so many young men, younger than Donal Trump of course, try to close to her.

But she ended marrying Donal Trump that much older that Melania Trump is, that why till now public accused that she is marrying him because of money. Moreover seeing her recent appearance that looks more glamor and luxury than before indicate she is kind of materials girl. Shockingly when asked about her secret of beauty, hardly Melania Trump denies it and says he never intend doing it.

Melanija Knavs, or Melania Knauss, or known as Melania Knauss-Trump or recently well known as Melania Trump is a Slovenian former model that was born in Sevnica in Slovenia’s Lower Sava Valley at April 26, 1970. Although focused on model, Melania Trump was graduated from University of Ljubljana, but she was prefer being a model that why in 1996 she was moved to New York after previously she was work both in Milan and Paris.

Her pretty face and well shaped body make her being a cover for some famous magazine like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, Allure, Vanity Fair, Self, Glamour, Elle  and etc. in the late 1990s she met Donald Trump and married on January 22, 2005 with a fairly lavish wedding ever. Both of their son Barron William Trump was born On March 20, 2006 and being Trump’s fifth child.

Of course her personal life after marrying Donal Trump including the secret to make her looks young, beauty and sexy make people feel curious. Its being very hard job for Melania Trump to make Donald Trump stay on her side. Donald Trump well known as the lady killer with a lot of money that make him so easily to pick woman he wants to.

That why its a must for Melania Trump to looks beauty, young and sexy in order to Donal Trump not dumped her. Observing this phenomena, people than accused that Melania Trump could be took plastic surgery to preserve her beauty essence. But when doing interview with Kate Sullivan from Allure magazine the Beauty Expert she hardly denied doing plastic surgery procedure.

She said instead of doing plastic surgery, Melania Trump said having  very sensitive skin so its impossible for her doing cosmetically procedure. She said that to make her face preserve young she only takes tonic on vitamin C and coupled an oxygen cream with vitamins A, C, and E. She said those recipes was inherited of her mother.

She also dismissed the notion taking botox and dermal injection on her face, she said she had her own spa in home and coupled it with plenty sleep and massage to make her relax and preserve her beauty, fresh and sexy look.

Well it seems that public will not easily believed that Melania Trump never doing plastic surgery denial. But no matter the way of beauty preservation she had done, its could be have one goal, to make Donald Trump stay on her side and do not turn to other women.