Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After

Fergie Plastic Surgery Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After
Fergie Breast Implant Before After

Drastic beauty transformation sometimes will make people think that you spent a lot of money on cosmetic procedures, at least those are statements that was Fergie said regarding to plastic surgery rumor that buffeted her life. We may said that Fergie used too not as beautiful as now, it can be proves from some before after pictures in this article.

But Fergie always said its only bad rumor and she swear didn’t need any procedures of plastic surgery, at least for now on. Fergie vows that she never got plastic surgery, but don’t know about ten years again. Fergie always said she is really satisfied with her recent looks and stated she is still too young fro the plastic surgery. But with a lot of evidence and gossiped she is often in and out of beauty clinic, make people really believed that Fergie has had plastic surgery at least once in the past.

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before After Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After
Fergie Nose Job Before After
Fergie Plastic Surgery Pic
Fergie 2012

The rumor that Fergie got plastic surgery spreading a wide after Star magazine reports that Fergie has spent $30,000 on plastic surgery. moreover her pictures when she is still young spreading a lot on the internet and we can see how different she is now. That why Fergie as accused got some procedures of plastic surgery such as breast implant, rhinoplasty, a browlift, cheek and jaw implants, and Botox.

Fergie breast well known is nutritious, up and though. It looks much rounded, bigger and tougher than before,looks really fit with Fergie curved body although there people noticed she is quite different with her previous smallest breast. Fergie also rumored get plastic surgery for the nose job with more pinched and smallest nasal as an indication Fergie spent a lot of money for at least once time plastic surgery for nose job.

Her cheek and jaw looks well refined and more sculptured so people accused this woman has cheek and jaw implant as well as botox to abolish wrinkle from her pretty face.

When confirmed about this plastic surgery issue, Fergie just laugh about it and said its only kind of empty rumor. But its really hard for Fergie to convince the public that she didn’t have plastic surgery with so many proves that appear on her face. Well do you agree that Fergie face looks natural? Or did you believed its as the result of plastic surgery? I love to see your comments that you leaving on the box bellow.