The Story of Rick Springfield’s Plastic Surgery

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After The Story of Rick Springfields Plastic Surgery

Whereas a lot of celebrities are reluctant to reveal the fact about their being accused of experiencing plastic surgeries, Rick Springfield does the contrary. In 2010, the musician who was born 63 years ago admitted that he had gone under knife procedure for plastic surgery even when he was only 24 years old. The reason was the statement from the people around him, at that time, who said that he did not look like normal youngsters in his age; and he was worried about it. In order to get younger look, Rick decided to go to plastic surgeon, who then helped him on doing eyes job.

Rick Springfield is world-widely recognized as an Australian actor, singer, songwriter, and musician. He started his career on music when his age was still 20; by joining Zoot, a band of pop rock music for the period of 1969-1971. Later, he made his solo-career debut by releasing a single entitled Speak to The Sky which became a hit in the country. His movement to American in the middle of 1972 also brought him another success story. He got the first position of popular song list there through Jessie’s Girl; and some more great singles following. Besides her profession as musician, Rick is also known as an actor, due to several roles he took in some drama titles.

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Choices – Before and After

As his career elevated, unfortunately, Rick Springfield did not stop his experiments on plastic surgery although he once said that such surgery was painful. He did not get the lesson from the mistakes –on plastic surgeries—he had done before. Reportedly these current days, Rick Springfield has gone for facelifts, botox injections, filler treatments, eye lifts, facelifts, etc. Judging his pictures (before and after), clearly there are changes. His face now looks more like wax rather than normal skin of men on his 60s age.